Saturday, July 18, 2009

OFW groups denounce martial rule

Press Release
16 June 2009

OFW groups denounce Machiavellian conspiracy to justify imposition of martial rule;
“Not even a single OFW OK’d “con-ass”, cha-cha, and Arroyo’s reign beyond her term”

OFWs organizations in the Middle East headed by the Kapatiran sa Gitnang Silangan (KGS), a pioneering member-organization of Migrante International along with Migrante-KSA chapters in Al Khobar and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and other OFWs organizations will be having a press conference tomorrow to formally announce the formation of OFWs broad alliance against ‘con-ass”, Charter change and Mrs. Arroyo’s reign beyond her term and denounce the Machiavellian conspiracy of the Arroyo administration to justify the imposition of martial rule in the Philippines.

“OFWs in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East are united in their opposition against “con-ass” and Charter change; tomorrow we will formally launch OFW organizations’ alliance and will denounce the Machiavellian conspiracy as a desperate move by Macapagal-Arroyo clique to put the country under state of martial law and perpetuate in power under the wishes of its US imperialist masters,” said Eric Jocson, KGS Chairperson.

Jocson said the formation of a OFWs broad alliance is a milestone for migrant workers movement in a place where freedom to express political views and beliefs are restricted.

“But the prevailing situations where we are is not a hindrance to express our collective opposition against a despotic, anti-people and anti-OFWs, and a puppet Arroyo regime who surrendered our national independence and much willing to sell our nation’s wealth and patrimony in favor of her US imperialist masters,” Jocson added.

Migrante chapters in the Middle East is also readying to join the “No Remittance” day as legitimate and fair protest action against the betrayal of our people’s trust by Mrs. Arroyo and her allies in Congress in their vain attempt to effect changes in the Constitution to serve their selfish interests to remain in power and sell out of our nation’s wealth and patrimony.

John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-ME regional coordinator said aside from urging the families and relatives of OFWs back home to join protests actions scheduled on the 27th July, OFWs have already expressed their support to the “No remittance” day on the 27th of July if Arroyo-dominated Congress will convene “con-ass”.

“Our planned “No Remittance” Day campaign is a legitimate political act of OFWs and their families not just against “con-ass” being desperately pushed by the Arroyo administration and its Machiavellian plot to justify imposition of martial law but also manifests our strong condemnation against the gross negligence committed by the most-anti OFW Arroyo administration,” Monterona added.

“We have a government under the Arroyo administration that is neglectful and have long been committing economic plunder of our nation, and at the expense of the millions of OFWs’ sweat and blood who were forced to work abroad due to its failure to create jobs locally with decent wage and benefits due to our workers,” Monterona averred.

Monterona reiterates in no way OFWs could be accused of being economic saboteurs by acting collectively not to remit even in just a single day if pro-administration Congressmen convene its “con-ass” to effecting changes in the Constitution that betrays our people’s trust.

“The Arroyo administration and its minions are the real economic saboteur as we have seen unto the numerous alleged cases of graft and corruptions and anomalous deals involving the administration,” Monterona added.

“OFWs and their families have enough reasons to completely withdraw their trust and confidence to the anti-people, anti-OFWs and most distrusted Arroyo administration,” Monterona ended. # #

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