Sunday, January 20, 2008

POLO Responds

(Following is the response of Labor Attache David Des Dicang on the issue of 16 OFWs in detention in Dammam)

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
Eastern Region Operations
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

To All Concerned:

This is regarding the email message (now circulating) originating from Demerin, Renebert C. and Antido, Jeorge G. mentioning about OFW deatinees at the Dammam deportation center:

As of our POLO personal/ weekly regular visit at the deportation center on 13 January 2008, there are currently 20 males and 7 females OFW detainees. Of the 20 males, 3 are under POLO’s temporary custody (“stay-out”) with the permission of Saudi authorities.

Contrary to the email message circulating, OFWs ELMER SANTILLAN, ROMEO CUARESMA, ZALDY MALANG, NILO BAGASINA, ARNOLD KAMANSA & DANIEL COBAR have all been repatriated (kindly refer to our POLO weekly report following this page).

The table below shows us the date when the remaining OFW detainees mentioned in the said email message were registered by POLO-ERO while conducting our weekly visit.

Ronnie Tosoc Nov. 28, 2007
Juvy Malasig Dec. 2, 2007
Eddie Mallari Dec 29, 2007
Jaime Mendoza We have no record of this and I have looked
as far as dec 2, 2007 list. Instead we have
ROGER MENDOZA registered on Nov. 4, 2007
Dindo Elmido Jan 5, 2007
Cesar Maximo Dec. 29, 2007
Brunito Punay Nov. 4, 2007
Jonathan Tabilas Dec. 29, 2007
Danny Lagramada Nov. 28, 2007
Amon Atong (LUMINOG) Dec. 29, 2007

We understand the concern of the parties who have circulated the email message even to the point of mentioning “dahil matagal na doon sa loob” . Let us understand however that there is a process of law being followed by the authorities and that we, at POLO-ERO are doing everything in our capacity to facilitate the release and early repatriation of our kababayans detained at the deportation center.

We, at POLO-ERO request interested parties to please be accurate in the facts they post via email or they wish to disseminate for the benefit of all. Kindly refer to the following weekly report for your information.

Maraming salamat po.

(Sgd.) David Des T. Dicang
Labor Attache
Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)
Eastern Region Operations (ERO)
Philippine Embassy, Riyadh

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