Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Impeachment case "killed" by pro-Arroyo Congressmen for P.5M

Press Release
26 November 2008

Impeachment case "killed" by pro-Arroyo Congressmen in exchange of alleged P.5M
A turning point for the people to again contemplate to exercise 'People power'

An alliance of overseas Filipino workers' organizations in the Middle East today said the impeachment case that was "killed" by pro-Arroyo Congressmen in exchange of P.5M to vote against it is a turning point for the Filipino people to once again exercise "People Power" with prudence against the anti-people, fascist, and oppressive Arroyo administration.

"Elected Congressmen, as they are legally called 'Representatives' of the populace they represents must be the voice of the people's sentiment. For so many times, allied Congressmen of the Arroyo administration demonstrated their greed and selfishness more than above the interests of the people they represent," said John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-ME regional coordinator.

The migrant workers' organizations based in the Middle East are reacting to the junking of the new impeachment case filed against Mrs. Arroyo by the pro-Arroyo Congressmen and members of the House of Representatives Committee on Justice where the impeachment case was referred to.

Migrante-ME said the Arroyo administration demonstrated again its invisible vicious hand maneuvering the outcome of the impeachment on its early stage; ensuring that it will be killed on the HOR justice committee dominated by her own allies and party-mates.

"The best way to hook a fish is to offer him food pellets; this is what Mrs. Arroyo's political spin-doctors have done on the alleged distribution of P.5-M at Linden Suites as reported by The Daily Tribune newspaper article titled "Gloria allies line up for P.5M impeach kill prize" (11/26/2008) a day before the HOR Justice Committee hearing on the impeachment," Monterona averred.

Migrante-ME said the Filipino people and OFWs and their families abroad are closely watching; the 42 votes from pro-Arroyo Congressmen that "killed" the impeachment case against Mrs. Arroyo allegedly in exchange of an amount did not clear anything the tainted name and negative perception by the people towards the anti-people, fascist, and pro-imperialist Arroyo regime.

Migrante-ME said the millions of OFWs abroad along with their families from their respective provinces and congressional districts will put an X on the name of their respective Congressman.

"Those 42 Congressmen and other members of the Congress who will succumb to the ill-wishes of the Arroyo regime do not anymore deserve another term of office in Congress. Migrante, OFWs and their families vow to vote-out them on the 2010 elections so that they will become X-Congressmen of their districts, while those Congressmen who will righteously stand for the impeachment to proceed will certainly get the explicit support from its constituents," the migrant leader continued.

"Migrante, OFWs and their families will campaign hard to frustrate the Arroyo regime self-engineered Cha-cha with vicious intent of extending her term beyond 2010 and take out 'protectionist' provisions of the Philippine Constitution to completely sell out our natural resources to the exploit of foreign monopoly-capitalist firms," Monterona added.

Migrante-ME ended saying "a fake, corrupt, fascist, and oppressive Arroyo regime has no business to remain in office and even beyond its term; the people must unite and with prudence exercise once again "People Power" as an effective collective efforts by the people." # # #

For reference:
John Leonard Monterona
Migrante Middle East regional coordinator
Mobile No.: 00966 564 97 8012

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