Saturday, November 22, 2008

Migrante denounce continued political persecution of activists

Dear Friends, Fellow OFWs and families, and Migrant rights Advocates:

We are urging you to sign in this petition as we denounce the continued and intensifying political persecution of Filipino activists. Kindly visit herein link to include your signature and/or your organization:

Your support by signing-in on this petition is of great worth in our efforts to free all illegally detained activists and labor rights activists.

Sincerely yours,
Migrante-Middle East

Migrante, OFWs and their families denounce continued political persecution of activists

We oppose and will act against the tyrannical hand of Arroyo regime victimizing activists, and warn the inclusion of migrant rights leaders and advocates to be victims of its tyrannical rule.

Overseas Filipino workers and their families cannot and could not remain silent in the midst of the continued repression and political persecution of peace-loving activists who have done nothing wrong but who have unselfishly offered their lives and time for the establishment of a just, democratic, and peaceful Philippines.

The series of reported cases of arbitrary arrest due to trumped up cases filed against activists from Southern Tagalog have reached to the information and concern of our overseas Filipino workers around the world.

We, OFWs along with our families, are duty-bound to raise our concerns and worries on the implications of the worsening political repression and persecution of freedom-loving Filipinos. The Filipino communities around the world are duty-bound to denounce, oppose and expose the continued political persecution and forced disappearances of those working for a just and democratic Philippines.

Officers and members of Migrante chapters in the Middle East along with their families appeal to all fellow OFWs to denounce the Arroyo regime and its military and police elements that have unlawfully arrested and detained Ka Randy Ecahnis, Atty. Remegio Saladero, as well as the arbitrary arrest of 72 activists as a clear act crippling even the most basic human rights against warrant-less arrest as guaranteed by the Philippine Constitution's Bill or Rights.

Recently, 27 leader-activist including Atty. Remegio Saladero, a friend and a staunch defender of union workers and OFWs in distress; Bayani Cambonero, the founding member of Migrante-Southern Tagalog; and, Frances Tolentino, Southern Tagalog Coordinator for the Migrante Sectoral Party in 2004, were implicated in trumped up charges of arson, destruction of property and conspiracy to commit rebellion in connection with the alleged bombing and burning of a Globe cellsite in Lemery, Batangas last August 2, 2008.

The Arroyo regime has been widely and internationally criticized due to its worsening records of rights abuses, political killings of activists and journalists and numerous cases of disappearances.

Now as the people's discontent are growing and the mass movement taking a leap and ready to oust her, the Arroyo regime desperate enough to clinging in power resorted to a new type of political persecution by filling trump up cases against activists; and its military and police forces have gone berserk by arresting arbitrarily perceived political dissenters and those critical to its administration.

We also protests the connivance of Globe Telecommunications company with the Arroyo regime's police elements that provided distorted facts on its complaints pointing to detained activists the crime they did not commit or even do not know.

Migrante chapters in the entire Middle East are now contemplating and make ready to call our fellow 8 million OFWs all around the world and their families in the homeland to boycott the services and products of Globe, if it will not withdraw the trumped up charges it filed against innocent victims.

OFWs can't allow that the billions of their remittances as a source of government's fund would be used by the Arroyo regime against its own people.

To manifest our condemnation and as an act of defiance against the Arroyo regime and its cohorts in persecuting innocent activists, we invite the millions of OFWs around the world along with their families in the homeland to sign in this petition.

Free Ka Randy Echanis, Atty. Saladero and the other victims of political repression!

Denounce the continued political persecution of activists under the tyrannical US-Arroyo regime!

Stop political killings and forced disappearances of activists!

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