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MSP Delisting Attack on Progressives

Press Release
16 October 2009

COMELEC delisting of Migrante Partylist not only an attack to progressive OFWs organizations but also denying OFWs the right to have a genuine representation in Congress –Migrante-ME

“COMELEC delisting of the most active OFWs groups’ party-list –the Migrante Partylist supported by grass roots OFWs organizations and chapters of Migrante International with proven track records of defending and upholding OFWs rights and welfare, is not only an attack to progressive OFWs organizations but also to the 10-M OFWs and their families of their right to have a genuine representation in Congress,” thus said today by John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator and Migrante Partylist Vice Chairperson.

Monterona, a Saudi-based OFW working for more than 5 years as a construction site office staff, said COMELEC ruling delisting Migrante Partylist is a slap on the real intent of the Partylist System Act (R.A. 7941) of democratizing the law-making process in the legislative branch of the government to allow marginalized sector like OFWs to elect their representatives that would put forward their sectoral agenda and to better serve its interest in the law making process and push for the needed reforms.Monterona opined that the Party list System Act is another arena for OFWs and their families, pushing for genuine reforms allowing them to further advance and protect the rights and welfare of the sector which Migrante is serving.

“It is the continued neglect and failure of the past administrations and of the present Arroyo administration to protect the rights and well being of OFWs that pushes grass roots OFWs organizations under the largest alliance of Migrante International to participate again in the Party-list election to genuinely represents OFWs in Congress by legislating pro-OFWs and their families’ agenda,” Monterona added.

Meanwhile, Migrante-Middle East lambasted COMELEC law department head Atty. Ferdinand Rafanan when he was asked by a TV host during an early morning show today why Migrante Party list was delisted, but Atty. Rafanan failed give a clear answer to the question. (kindly follow link

“It is sad to know that even the COMELEC Law Department head does not know why Migrante Party list was delisted which lead us to suspect that Migrante’s delisting is more of COMELEC’s partisan political act not allowing Migrante to participate in the May 2010 party-lists elections because it is very critical to the Arroyo administration rather than basing its ruling on the provision of R.A. 7941 and its implementing rules,” Monterona argued.

Monterona said it should be the Arroyo administration-backed party lists are the first to be disqualified such as Bantay (Jovito Palparan), ANAD (Jun Alcover), Kasangga (Ma. Lourdes Arroyo), among others as they did not even have clear marginal sector’s representation; unlike Migrante which has been all year round since 1986 handling the cases of Flor Contemplacion and the many others who have been abused and maltreated OFWs continuously defending and upholding OFWs and their families rights, welfare and well being amid government continued neglect and lip service to the sector that is keeping the economy afloat.

“Migrante chapters around the world and at the home front are preparing for a legal battle when it file its legal action against COMELEC ruling delisting Migrant Party list next week and it will be accompanied by coordinated rallies and various forms of protest actions until COMELEC will reverse its wrong decision delisting Migrante party list,” Monterona added.

“With its proven tract records genuinely serving OFWs and their families, Migrante will surely win the support of OFWs and their families back home joining us win this battle,” Monterona ended. # # #

John Leonard Monterona
Migrante Middle East regional coordinator
Migrante Partylist, Vice Chairperson
Mobile No.: 00966 564 97 8012

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