Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OFWs in Eastern Region Unite

Press Release
7 October 2009

Filipino Community and their Organizations in Saudi Eastern Region united for a common cause:
Gathering relief goods, cash for typhoon victims

Different Filipino Organizations in Al Khobar, Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, have gathered yesterday night at Al Andalus International School to assess how far they have gone since first meeting on September 28, 2009 as a response to the call made by Migrante-Middle East to initiate a donation drive for typhoon “Ondoy” victims.

“The outpouring of support from OFWs in all professions is overwhelming; every participating organization had brought their own share of donations, in cash and in kind –a manifestation that helping the victims of typhoon is every body’s business, and so we did,” said Gerry de Guzman, Migrante-Al Khobar Chapter Secretary-General.

Last night Filipino Community leaders’ meeting was facilitated by Labor Attache David Des Dicang.

Aside from Migrante-Al Khobar, the following organizations were also present: Bulakenyo Community, Eastern Region OFW Congress, AFSCOM, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Al-Andalos School (Teachers & Staff), the Filipino Pop (Filipino Pop Music Association) under Dr. Molina, Worley Parsons Co. Filipino Employees, Dammam Med. Tower, PAGASA Association, GUARDIANS Eastern Region Association, AAIS association, Dubaib & Sulaim Co. Filipino Employees, ABQIAQ community, JAL, SI Samahang Ilocano, PSME association, IECEP association, UFBF association, RASA association, Filipino Bowlers association, Ras Tanura Fil. Com. Association, ROFNA Bowling Association, ASOC association, RC Parishioners, Mrs. Mary Jane Tupaz, Dr. Ronaldo Molina, and the Social Development and Aid Organization (SDAO).

The meeting was attended by more than 80 OFW leaders.

“The cash on hand collected by the council and Filipino Community leaders as at 6:00p.m. October 4, 2009 is 31,978 (Thirty One Thousand nine hundred seventy eight) Saudi Riyal, while there are already 57 boxes of goods at the warehouse of Al-Andalus International School as reported,” de Guzman added.

The Filipino Community leaders agreed to cut the donations drive until October 10, 2009; cash donations will be remitted in the afternoon of October 10 as well as the boxes of goods.

The Filipino Community leaders have agreed to send their donations to the Local Government Units (LGUs) through its local Social welfare and development offices.

“We have indentified the most affected areas as recipient of the donations we have gathered like Cainta, Antipolo, San Mateo in Rizal Province, Dinalupihan in Bataan, Marikina and Pasig in Manila,” said Rod “Choie” De Leon, Migrante-Al Khobar Chairperson.

De Leon said it was agreed by the Filipino Community coordinating council that in order to be transparent in the distribution of their donation the POLO-Eastern Region will officially endorse Migrante International to be witness and could monitor the actual distribution of goods to the intended beneficiaries in every recipient LGUs.

“We have also asked POLO-Eastern Region to communicate with the Bureau of Customs not to confiscate the boxes of relief goods once it reaches the Philippines so that its distribution by the recipient LGUs could take effect without delay,” De leon added.

Migrante-Al Khobar had also get the consensus of the Filipino Community leaders to conduct a symposium on Migrants Rights and Welfare, and Human Rights activity on December 2009, Blood Letting Program and Fun Run for a cause, right after the donations drive for typhoon victims. - end -

Gerry De Guzman
Secretary-General, Migrante-Al Khobar chapter
Mobile No. 00966 50 737 3906

Rod “Choie” De Leon
Chairperson, Migrante-Al Khobar chapter
Mobile No. : 00966 56 911 7563

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