Monday, February 18, 2008

13 Stranded OFWs handcuffed and sent to Riyadh

As of 12:16 PM, Riyadh time
18 February 2008

Migrante Saudi Arabia expressed fears for the safety and well-being of 13 of the 24 who signed the 'legal deportation' procedure initiated by ConGen Tago who are travelling to Riyadh in handcuffs, as of this writing.

In a conversation with Ociones, James Malasig, one of the 13 expressed apprehension over their situation.

"Pakitulungan na lang po kami, kasi hindi namin alam kung saan kami dadalhin pagdating namin sa Riyadh," Malasig said as he appealed for prayers and support. "Isa pa, nakaposas po kami."

"Wala naman ito sa usapan noon," Malasig added referring to the terms they agreed with ConGen Tago before they accepted the so-called 'due process.'

Antonio Eugenio, who came from the original group of 88 who trooped to the Philippine Consulate and was the first to agree to Tago's 'legal deportation process' also expressed doubts saying "Siguro dito sa Riyadh kami isasakay, pero bakit kami nakaposas?"

"We sure hope that Malasig, Eugenio and the other 11 Filipinos with them would be sent home through Riyadh, because it is common knowledge that there are more out-going flights and the bulk of deportation comes from Jeddah," Ociones adds further.

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