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Hold remittances if con-ass convenes – Migrante

8 June 2009

Garry Martinez, Chairperson, 09217229740
Ailyn Abdula, Media Officer, 09212708994

Hold remittances if con-ass convenes – Migrante

The biggest alliance of OFWs across the globe warns President Arroyo and the proponents of the Constitutional Assembly that Filipinos in different countries are getting ready to suspend sending their money to the Philippines if the constituent assembly convenes.

Migrante International claims that it will exert all efforts to stop the convening of the constituent assembly that they believe will pave the way for President Arroyo’s dictatorial regime similar to that of President Marcos’ dictatorship during the 70’s.

“What is at stake here is the lives and future of our children. We will not let our hard-earned money be utilized by Arroyo’s constituent assembly. This act will surely plunge our country back to the dark years of the Marcos dictatorship,” Garry Martinez, chairperson of Migrante International, exclaimed.

Martinez stated that OFWs were outraged when Congress passed House Resolution 1109 last Tuesday calling members of the Lower House to convene as a constituent assembly to revise the constitution.

“We have already received a deluge of statements from our chapters and Filipino communities abroad. They are already urging us to coordinate an international campaign to stop this mockery of a people’s initiative,” Martinez stated.

The group claims that Overseas Filipinos are disgusted not only with the ulterior motives of the accomplices of Arroyo in Congress but also with the manner it was deviously passed.

“Arrogant, scheming, and corrupt are the first three words to describe the prime movers of this dastardly act. The only beneficiary of this diabolic scheme is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who is so desperate to remain in power in order to escape her imminent prosecution of her crimes against the Filipino people,” Martinez added.

The group explained that the no-term-extension provision and the guarantee to hold the 2010 election are only ploys to make the railroading of the HR 1109 more palatable.

But Martinez voiced what many other sectors feared; “Once they convene the Con-Ass, all provisions in the Constitution are open for amendments, including term extension.”

“We are calling on all OFWs to actively participate in bringing this evil plan to history’s waste bin where it truly belongs. We have sent the names of the proponents of HR 1109 to all our members so they will know who betrayed them.” Martinez added. “If Arroyo and her lapdogs pursue their diabolic plan, we intend to make our voices be heard where it will be heard most.”

According to the central bank, remittances from overseas Filipinos reached a record $1.47 billion in March. While in 2008, it has recorded that Filipinos working overseas sent home US$16.4 billion — 13.7 percent more than in the previous year.###

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